Get ready for 2020’s line up of birthday parties for kids with our guide to the most popular kids’ party ideas. As a parent, it can be hard to keep those kids’ birthday party ideas feeling fresh and exciting — not to mention age appropriate — with every passing year and candle on the cake. Fortunately, it’s not impossible to knock it out of the park every single time. And no matter what your kid is into, there’s a party theme to match. Horsepower Ranch located in Central Florida is available to host events at 100% capacity because we are an outdoors venue. Call today to schedule a venue tour or to make a reservation: 407- 913-1160.

Western Party: Equestrians young and old will love a horse party. Rent ponies and unicorns at Horsepower Ranch!

Sports Party: Sports make an easy and customizable party theme! Whatever your sport of choice, make sure you get a game going to burn off the birthday cake!

Carnival Fun: Keep things feeling festive with a carnival party! Rent a large tent and create your own fun games. Send guests home with kettle corn party favors.

Space-Themed Parties: Whether your little is big into Star Wars or is a budding astronaut, 2020 is the year for out of this world parties. Gear up with galactic decor, space-themed activities and cosmic cookies and cake to celebrate the big day.

Princess Celebration: Who doesn’t love a princess party? Keep the outfits, decorations and cake for this party pink frilly and fun. Make sure party guests get their own tiaras!

Woodland Wonderland: Calling all nature lovers! Pine needle and branches are your best bet when decorating the present table.

Luau / Moana Party: You can expect to see Disney’s Moana making the rounds on the birthday circuit again this year. With its tropical, floral setting, a Moana party is a gorgeous one, especially if you use some of these fun ideas: a layered hibiscus flower cake, frosted flower cookies, and adorable crab-shaped croissants.

Trolls: In just a few short months, Poppy and Branch are returning to the silver screen in Trolls World Tour. That means it’s time to cue the bright colors and hugs! Put your hair up in the air with cute headband party favors, colorful photo backdrops and of course, lots of dancing and singing.

Circus Soiree: Who doesn’t love a circus party! Give guests rubber noses as party favors and fill a piñata with boxes of circus animal cookies.

Farm Festivity: A fun theme for any age! Think modern hoe-down for adults or a petting zoo adventure for little kids. Hay bale decorations are a must!

Mermaid Merriment: You’re never too old to be a mermaid! Decorate in tones of deep blue and purple for this party and serve lots of seafood. The birthday kid should get a crown made of shells.

Dinosaur Jam: Your little monster will love a dinosaur party. Play pin the tail on the T-Rex for a prehistoric twist on the birthday classic!

Buried Treasure Bananza: A buried treasure party can be adapted for kids or adults. Little ones will love to hunt down candy while adults while like mini liquor bottles or cafe gift cards.

Ballet Bash: While this is a classic for little ones, it can be great for adults too! For a unique party, try hosting at a ballet studio and providing guests with a private class. Just make sure there’s cake afterward!

Now that you have the perfect theme in mind, it’s time to get to planning! Call Horsepower Ranch today 407-913-1160 for reservations and pricing information.