Central Florida

Traditional Baraat Weddings

at Horsepower Ranch

Traditional Baraat Ceremony

Are you currently in search of a baraat horse or elephant in Central Florida or the surrounding areas to use in your wedding ceremony? Horsepower Ranch can provide you with beautiful horses, for your traditional Indian wedding in Orlando, Florida. your wedding will be flawless when you have us by your side.

We provide horses that is accustomed to the loud drumming, music, and singing that accompanies a baraat. The horse will come with a saddle and bridle for the groom to ride. Two handlers will accompany the horse and groom. You are welcome to provide Indian horse decorations, and traditional apparel for the handlers

We also have the perfect wedding venue for your large guest list! Starting at $1,450.00 and up. The price includes an elegantly decorated horse, two traditionally professional horse handlers, either a saddle for you to ride on or a decorated carriage to ride in.

As leading professionals in the industry, we ask that you respect that our prices are firm. The value is in our exceptionally trained horses, our knowledgeable staff and our timely professionalism.

For Horsepower Ranch wedding venue pricing and planning, please call 877-512-1160